10th Annual Fashion Show
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10th Annual Fashion Show

The Global Open University Nagaland hosted its 10th Annual Fashion Show, “Celestial Fever,” on 21st March 2024! ????????

This event was a mesmerizing blend of style, creativity, and diversity that captivated attendees from all corners.

Themed “Celestial Fever,” the show took everyone on a cosmic journey, showcasing designs inspired by the wonders of the universe. ???? It was truly a testament to the extraordinary talent and innovation of the emerging designers from TGOUN’s Department of Fashion Technology.

With esteemed judges like Atsung Sangtam and Kavili Swu Kiba, the event was not just a fashion show but a platform for fair and insightful evaluation, ensuring every participant got their moment to shine.✨

Special guests, including local dignitaries and industry leaders, graced the occasion, adding to its grandeur. ????

Dr. Roopam Bachhil and Dr. H.N. Dutta kicked off the evening with warm welcomes and the release of the Lookbook, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Kuthonulu S. Venuh wrapped it up with heartfelt thanks, acknowledging the efforts that made this event possible.????

This event isn’t just about fashion; it’s about nurturing talent and paving the way for the future of the industry. ????

Congratulations to the standout participants who were recognized for their exceptional talent with awards, including Chingmei Konyak for Best Design (2021 Batch) and Genevieve Awomi for Best Garment Construction (2021 Batch).

Cheers to a night of fashion, creativity, and limitless possibilities! ????????